Windows Insider Create-A-Thons

The Windows Insiders Program has been going for some time now and has grown from a beta testing program into so much more.

Over the last few months, program lead Dona Sarkar has kicked off the #WINsiders4Good Create-A-Thon campaign, which involves creative people (developers / non – developers), getting together in order to solve a problem and it has had excellent success in America and as far away as Nigeria.

If you want to start your own Create-A-Thon (CAT) – the guide can be found at (you will need your Microsoft Account).

Getting in to the topic at hand…

I thought it would be good to put it out to the community to see how many CAT’s have / are happening worldwide to see how far and wide Windows Insiders are reaching, and so I created the CAT map at

To use the Map, simply search for where your CAT has taken place, click on the map and hit submit and it will be added to the map.

For the tech people, this page is backed by an Azure App Service which handles the GET and POST calls to the database. The front end is HTML / Javascript with some PHP for processing. A little messy – but it works!

Feel free to reach out to me at @rayd_250592 or at with feedback / suggestions!

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