Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversay Update is released today (2nd August 2016), and comes with a host of new features:

  1. The UI for the start menu has been changed to allow for less scrolling.
  2. Live tiles are now smarter with “Chaseable” live tiles. This means that if a live tile shows an email or news story, it will open on that email / news story when the app is opened.
  3. Action Center has had a great deal of improvement with richer notifications. If you have Cortana activated and installed on both your PC and phone – your PC will be able to show you notifications from your phone (very handy!).
  4. The taskbar has been improved with the number of notifications on an app being displayed beside the app icon.
  5. Cortana can now be activated from your lock screen, helping you before you even log on to your computer.
  6. Microsoft Edge now has extensions such as LastPass. Edge now supports web notifications, allowing for websites to give you notifications in Action Center.
  7. Windows Ink – this is a massive improvement to the pen support within Windows 10 allowing for intelligent inking (e.g jotting down something on a sticky note and the note being automatically saved to Cortana).
  8. Bash on Windows 10 – This is a Linux subsystem which can be installed inside Windows 10, giving developers access to Linux commands directly from within Windows – no VM needed!
  9. Unified Windows App Store – with this update, the Windows Store and Xbox Store have begun to merge – allowing for the majority of Windows 10 apps to be used on the Xbox One!
  10. Windows Hello – Windows Hello will now support apps and websites allowing you to log on using your face or fingerprint.


There you have it – 10 new features on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

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