Using Images within an App

Getting started with images within an app is very easy – to get started, open a new Project within Visual Studio (File -> New Project -> Blank App (Universal Windows).

After a few minutes, the project will have loaded.

The assets folder within an app project is very important, it contains all the media related to your app.

To add images to the project, right click on the Assets folder, go to add, and then “Existing Item”




From here – add whatever images you want into your project. I have added two images here – a sad face and a happy face.

Using the Image

To use the image within your app – select the toolbar from the left hand side of Visual Studio and select the Images control. Drag and click anywhere on your app screen to place the control. To add the image to the image control, click on it, and then navigate to the properties window (usually at the bottom right hand side of Visual Studio). Navigate to the “Common” section, and under source, select your image.



Playing about with Images 

Add a button from the toolbar to your app. Double click on your button and add the following code – the image should then disappear when you press the button.

 image.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;



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