The backlash against running non Microsoft software on Windows 10

I’ve seen online over the last few days a huge and somewhat personal attack on Microsoft engineers for using non Microsoft built software on Windows 10 – I’m going to try an outline why.

As an operating system, Microsoft supports a mind boggling array of hardware and software of which they actually made very little. The beauty of software is that a kid in their bedroom can write for Windows, all the way up to a large organisation (and these applications need TESTED)

Unfortunately, Microsoft can’t test every single piece of software ever made for Windows – but in order to ensure the best experience for consumers, Microsoft need to test the most popular applications with each build of Windows 10 (falling into their AppCompat team). Consumers expect their software (Microsoft made or not) to run smoothly on Windows 10 and this is simply what Microsoft are trying to achieve.

Developers too want Microsoft to test their software – if I was a large software company serving millions of customers a day on Windows – I would like to think that Microsoft assist in testing and ensuring that my software will work on their most recent and future releases.

So while you may be unhappy at seeing Microsoft staff using Chrome etc. –  just remember that they could be testing for the millions of other customers who use Chrome etc. on Windows every day.

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