Microsoft – Getting it Right

I’ll apologise in advance – this is an opinion piece!

Microsoft have been about for many years now and have adopted many different strategies throughout their time.

In more recent years, I genuinely believe that they’ve got it right – both from a consumer point of view and a developer point of view.

In my own experience from a developer point of view – I don’t think Microsoft could operate any better. Through their excellent academic engagement program, I got involved in Microsoft events run at my university. It was here that it first became apparent to me that those involved in running the academic program were genuinely enthused and excited when you built things using Microsoft technology and that they were keen to help you in any way that they could. Through various events, competitions and programmes throughout my time at university, I felt well equipped and confident in the technologies being used (whether it be C# or Azure).

Moving into a graduate role, I was concerned that Microsoft would lose interest in me, but I am happy to say that I was completely wrong. The academic team introduced me to some of the individuals in the developer evangelism teams who have assisted and supported me when approached about work related questions, or questions about some of my own projects. Again, the developer evangelism team were as passionate and excited about Microsoft and their products as their colleagues. I was also fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend a few of their events down in Dublin, as well as being provided with support to start some of my own (I’m running an Azure meetup in Belfast – if you’re interested you can get the info here).

On the consumer side, Microsoft are making waves. Their biggest success being the Windows insider Program, allowing consumers to shape the future of the Operating system – getting pre – release builds of the software, allowing them to submit feedback to developers. Aside from that, their Azure cloud platform is taking off, with it being used to power apps, games as well as a host of other services. Innovation is also happening in the area of the “Internet of Things”, where the introduction of Windows 10 IoT core and the associated Azure services, consumers are now starting to see innovative products – don’t believe me – look here!

My career is only starting and I already know that Microsoft are behind me and will support me in any way that they can!

Exciting times ahead for Microsoft!

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