Making it in the Tech World

The technology world has to be one of the most fastest changing industries of all time – innovation happens on a daily basis – it’s hard to stand out.

Whether you are a student that has been studying Computing or simply someone that has a passion for all things tech – there are ways to help you stand out from the crowd, make yourself known and land that dream job.

Promote Yourself

Employers won’t know your skills and interests and what you can do unless you tell them. There are a number of ways to promote yourself – LinkedIn is especially good for creating an online CV of sorts – you can list your education and work history, skills you have & other areas which you have an interest in.

Another way to promote yourself is through the creation of an online portfolio – this shows recruiters that you can put your skills into practice and gives them something tangible to look at.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Be Social

Whatever area of technology you are interested in – whether it is web & mobile application development, VR, AI, Microsoft & Java technology stacks etc. ,you will find that there are industry leaders on social media. Get on Twitter and Facebook – follow some of these people and organisations – it’s the easiest way to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Also, you may find a local meetup group for your area of interest – these are a great way to get some exposure and also to help you make connections – there is no better way to learn that to learn from other people. Fostering a spirit of community within the developer world is very important. Check and you may find a group near you.

Last of all…be passionate.

This is probably the most important thing of all in my opinion.

Whatever your chosen area is, be passionate about it. Whether it is making mobile applications or creating games or VR apps – if you genuinely have an interest and are enthusiastic about it – it will rub off on people. Those who have a genuine passion for something will stand out from the crowd. Talk about your passion and share it with others!




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