“Empower Every Person and Every Organisation on the Planet to Achieve More”

“Empower Every Person and Every Organisation on the Planet to Achieve More” – for the past while this has been the new vision statement from Microsoft.

Microsoft have worked hard towards this goal over the last number of years with great strides in innovations in Windows 10, AI, Mixed Reality and IoT.

So how have they done that?

In years gone by, you needed to be an IT pro to make the most of your PC and to keep productivity at a maximum and when it came to your mobile phone it was a completely different learning curve. However with the introduction of Microsoft 365 – the PC now goes beyond the phone – you can be browsing a webpage on your PC and pickup where you left off on your phone – the same goes for documents – experiences become familiar no matter which platform you work from – you can take your office in your pocket!

OK – that’s cool – but what else?

From a developer perspective, Microsoft has brought some great services to the forefront through their intelligent cloud and intelligent edge vision. As a developer, I have little knowledge of complex machine learning or computer vision theory, but through the power of Microsoft Azure – I can utilise these things in applications and services that I make. For example, through the computer vision services, I can add facial recognition to an app without having to fully understand how it works.

OK, so what does this all mean for me?

Microsoft really want you to succeed through using their products – if you are a student, musician, author, artist, developer – you name it! With recent events such as the global Insider Dev Tour, Microsoft aimed to show how their products and services can help you no matter your walk of life.

If you want to play your part and shape the Windows ecosystem for you’re field of work or your side hustle – sign up to become a Windows Insider at https://insider.windows.com/en-us/







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