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Fixing Wifi on Windows 10 Build 10586.318

You might find that after upgrading to Windows 10 Build 10586.318 that the wifi has stopped working. A common cause for this seems to be that the Winsock registery entries are missing. Download and run the below two files: Winsock

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Using Images within an App

Getting started with images within an app is very easy – to get started, open a new Project within Visual Studio (File -> New Project -> Blank App (Universal Windows). After a few minutes, the project will have loaded. The

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Displaying the Version Number of a Windows App package

A recent requirement that I had was to output the package number of a Windows app to the front end – this can be achieved in C# by doing the following: public string GetPackageVersion() { var version = Package.Current.Id. string

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Making your first app

As per the tradition when starting off developing, we will make a very simple “Hello World” app using Visual Studio. Installing Visual Studio The first step in the process is to install Visual Studio. I will be using Visual Studio 2015

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Referencing Third Party API’s in Visual Studio

I recently implemented Google Ads into one of my Windows Phone Apps. This involved referencing the dll file in Visual Studio, however, I received the below error when I attempted to do so.   The simple fix is to locate

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Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview was released on April 14th – so I thought I would install it on my Nokia Lumia 520. In order to get the preview, I had to install the “Windows Phone Preview for Developers” app.

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Nokia Lumia 520

Microsoft Ireland have been running an “App Hero” competition for 2 years now, and this is my latest prize from the competition – a Nokia Lumia 520. I had to develop a Windows Phone app and a Windows 8 app,

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Microsoft Build 2014 Conference

During the Build 2014 conference, those viewing over the web had the opportunity to ask questions. I asked how a developer improves their UI skills, and my question was read out (around the 24:16 mark), The link to webcast yesterday

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Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC

A cool feature announced at the Build 2014 conference  is that Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 allows for the creation of universal apps, allowing for the same code base to be used for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone apps.  

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BT Broadband Issues

A broadband connection is something that the majority of the population now take for granted, but this is not the case for the Eskra community. I will highlight the issues regarding a fixed line broadband connection (from BT) using our

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