A Windows Insiders Thank You

On the 1st June 2016, Dona Sarkar took over the leadership role of the Windows Insiders Program from Gabe Aul, taking the title of “Chief Ninja Cat”

From then, we have seen numerous builds of Windows 10, bug bashes and many #Winsiders4Good events.

In the past year, we have seen the Windows Insiders Community grow from a community that simply tested the latest Windows 10 Builds to a community of designers, programmers, creatives and doers that are helping shape the world.

This, in part, is down to the wonderful Dona Sarkar, who over the past year has spearheaded the Insiders movement.

From taking over from Gabe last year, Dona has enhanced the community aspect of the Windows Insiders Program, and has had the ability to bring people together, both in the physical and virtual worlds in order to do great things while also maintaining a steady cadence of Windows 10 builds.

With an active encouragement to “Do The Thing”, Dona has instilled a belief in many to find their superpower and use it for the benefit of others, enabling them when she can to achieve their goals.

She has brought the tech community closer together in order to help build relationships and form the tech that will help shape our world – she has been a true inspiration and guidance to many.

I think I can speak for everyone in congratulating and thanking Dona for her leadership, time and dedication over the past year.

From all Insiders across the globe, thank you Dona!

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